John Gibson


           August, 28th, 1978



Originally born in Ohio, this transplanted southerner is a natural storyteller. From growing up with his crazy family and his years spent working behind a bar, to his hilarious observations about late night TV and Adventures in Drinking til all hours of the morning, John will captivate you by bringing you into his world.  He has toured all over the U.S. with multiple comedians. He is the creator of Cola Comedy CON: Comedy Festival and Comedy is a Drag: A Stand Up Comedy Drag Show.  He recently recorded his second album, Toilet Humor for the Soul, soon to be available on iTunes and Spotify.

John has worked with numerous comedians, such as Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Tony Hinchcliffe,  MYQ Kaplan, Dave Stone, Joe Zimmerman, Shane Mauss Ben Kronberg and more. Always striving for more, John has the dream of one day taking over hosting duties on The Tonight Show (a desire he's had since he was five). Check him out next time he is in a city near you.

What they say:

  "John is a great sound guy....... and a comic"  -- MYQ Kaplan

  "He's a great comic."  -- Doug Stanhope

  "Wait to hear more from John Gibson. He's definitely got interesting stuff to talk about"  

  -- Brett Erickson




- Founder of Cola Comedy CON: Comedy Festival in Columbia, SC

- Creator of Comedy is a DRAG: A Standup Comedy Drag Show

- Owner of Soda City Stand Up, LLC

- Creator of West Fest: Comedy and Music Festival

- Former Owner of Red Door Tavern Comedy Venue

- Creator of "Stick Tight Fest”  Benefit Weekend



- Featured Performer for Doug Stanhope and Friends Tour 2017

Featured for Kyle Kinane at Cola Comedy Con 2018

- Opened for MC Chris at New Brookland Tavern

- Opened for Pat Roach (aka "Randy" Trailer Park Boys) on Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic Tour

- Opened for Tony Hinchcliffe on his Monster Energy Tour

- Recorded Two Albums: Cis White Tales and Toilet Humor for the Soul

- Featured Performer on "Not Your Mama's Minivan" Comedy Tour  with Carlos Valencia

- Headlining Comedian on the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour

- Performer at What A Joke Comedy Festival in Knoxville, TN

- Featured Performer (Record Holder) at Broken Record Comedy Festival in Nashville, TN

- Performed at the DC Comedy Festival in Washington, DC

- Performer at the Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh, NC

- Performaer at the Midwest Queer Comedy Fest in Columbus, Ohio

- Host for America Loves Bacon Festival 2015

-  Nominated Best Local Comedian by Free Times  Best of Columbia 2015 & 2017

- Opened for Threezus 2015 Writers for TOSH.0 on Comedy Central

- Repeat Performer at Epic Comedy Hour in Huntsville, AL

- Headliner on On The Road Again Comedy Tour

- Regularly performs in multiple venues around the Southeast

- Hosted/Featured for touring comedians such as MYQ Kaplan, Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Derek Sheen, Dave Stone, Shane Mauss, Ben Kronberg, Joe Zimmerman, Tony Hinchcliffe and more.





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