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June 13, 2016

It all started with a message from a friend at 8:33 pm on a Wednesday Night. "Let's say that hypothetically speaking I'm going to be rolling through your town on Friday. You have anything I could jump on?"  To the untrained eye, that could be confused for sexual innuendo, but to comedians it means a whole different thing.  

So after hours of trying to find a show for my comedy buddies Patrick Cunningham and Shane Justice from Huntsville, with no luck I might add, it was decided...... "Fuck It. We're doing it at my place".  

 I know it might look like a small crowd, but for a house show that was thrown together at the last minute, I think we did pretty good.  Also, the rest of the folks were in the garage getting more alcohol.  









Along with Wayne and Patrick, we had a lot of performers that night.  Here's a list: Topher Riddle, Miguel Orsarnio, Zack Kennedy, Joe Coughlin, Shane Justice, Carlos Jones, and Me.  We tried to get Jan to get up and tell a joke or two, but he declined.  It was a sad moment for us all.  



 My roommate Sean was a bit tired from a long day of being in the sun.  He's just resting his eyes.








What a fun night.  From nothing came the first ever Comedy House Show on Augusta Street.  That's the beauty of the comedy community.  We are always willing to help one another when we can.  This show was so much fun.  Not only did we get some of the funniest comics I know together for one night, we did it in less than 48 hours.  If you ever get a chance to get down to Huntsville, AL, do yourself a favor and check out my friends Patrick and Shane.  Keep following your local comedy scene and always remember to Support Local Comedy.  















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