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Quit Your Day Job (last one) pt 3

July 31, 2016

As you can tell by now, we have had a hell of a run.  Touring from city to city has made me want to never stop going on the road.  But how do you sustain that type of lifestyle?  One can only live off of bologna sandwiches and crackers for so long.  Then the bills start to pile up, and you worry how they will get paid.  Maybe a string of shows only nets you twenty bucks and you start wondering if you will even be able to make it to the next gig.  Where is the money gonna come from?  Worries, stress, pressure, concern...... this is not why I wanted to do this.  Well, until then.... Enjoy the third part of this blog series without worry or stress.  Enjoy.





















"Get out of your head and enjoy what's in front of you"   Sure, maybe this guy in front of me is trying to tell me something.  (Back Off bumper sticker)  Nah.  We just waiting on the boat to go by, and then it's on the road again.

























We decided to surprise Jenn Snyder in Chattanooga, TN.  She was competing and guess what....... She won 1st place!!!!


 We went to see the tour with Andy Andrist and Junior Stopka that was in town as well.  

 Then Andy put on our tour shirt!!!!!!  This was dope as F!!!!



 WE Found Matt Ward in Chattanooga as well.  And then......... 


 We put JC in a dress for the Comedy is a Drag Showcase.


Hope you all enjoyed this three part blog journey that you have gone down.  It is a long road and you made it.  Until next time kiddos.  Thanks for stoppin by. 


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April 20, 2016

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